ICCE Metrology

ICCE Metrology is a leading provider of premium validation services to the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries.

Our team of experienced engineering professionals can assist your company with the successful execution of all validation tests necessary to qualify your equipment, installation, system or facility.

We use standard, pre-approved validation protocols in accordance with the latest national and international standards, guidelines and references. Measurements are performed with state-of-the-art and frequently calibrated equipment.

Our staff is continuously trained, based on internal working instructions and extra external training sessions and seminars.

Our clients include world’s leading biotech & pharmaceutical companies, as well as a host of small to mid-size firms & hospitals.

Thermal Validation

Thermal mapping is done using an acquisition system (e.g. Kaye Validator 2000) and thermocouples or with independent temperature sensors.

We have extensive experience in executing thermal mapping of the following equipment and installations:

  • Process equipment: sterilisation/decontamination autoclaves, dry heat ovens, tunnels, freeze dryers, processing vessels and bioreactors, washing machines, …
  • Utility systems: WFI production and distribution, purified water, pure steam, …
  • Lab equipment: incubators, coolers, freezers, refrigerators, cold storage rooms, stability chambers, …

HVAC Testing

Our services include environmental control in clean room and controlled areas and more particularly:

  • Integrity test of HEPA filters
  • Air velocity measurement
  • (Differential) pressure measurement
  • Particle counting and recovery time measurement
  • Visualisation of airflow pattern
  • Temperature and relative humidity measurement
  • Microbiological testing (surface and air)
  • Laminar airflow cabinets, biohazards and safety cabinets

Sensor Calibration

Using calibrated references, we are equipped to perform calibration of the following types of sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Electrical
  • Humidity
  • Rotational speed
  • CO2 and O2